Friday, May 9, 2014

2 Jewelry Classes A quick run to the ER and an upcoming volleyball game.

I have finished the classes... I am glad to be done, I was outside in the one car garage from 7 this morning until now (about 4..) give and take the times I came in to get things before or after classes and get some water.
Right when the second person pulled in the driveway for the second class, Anthony started screaming and the dog ran past the one car garage, I sent Emily after the dog and went to see why Anthony was screaming
he had a bad cut on his shoulder.
I picked him up, he kept screaming and crying "Scooter got out! Get Scooter!" Oh my goodness, I kept telling him that Emily was getting the dog...
       After about half a second of looking at his arm my mom was figuring out a way to get to the ER, I was trying frantically to find steri-strips as the doorbell rang and with a little blood on my hands I answered the door to 3 cheerful little girls and their mother and their friend...
Oh right...
    ... my students!
after a frantic "go sit in there" and a hurried explanation I raced back inside, only to go back to the one car to apologize and get ready for the class to start... (already 5-10 mins late...)
 then my Aunt pulled in so I had to explain to her and then back to the class... then two other girls who were running late got there... 15-25 mins late we finally started...
other then that everything went quite well! Anthony got 5 stitches and was very brave. He stopped crying after he found out the dog got caught.
and now I have my cousin Isaiah leaning over my shoulder waiting for me to come and play volley ball!
~In Christ, Susannah


  1. Glad you did the classes. They were good. I would have loved going to one when I was a kid. Thanks for helping me get Anthony.

  2. Not sure why I am showing up as you Susannah. As far as I can tell I'm still mom. Sorry I can figure it out without you here.

  3. "Oh Susannah!" That's all I could think when I read the title of the post. Then I thought exactly what Johnathan said: "Sounds like a crazy day!"

  4. Wow! Glad everything worked out in the end and that Anthony is OK. Missing you guys!!!