Thursday, September 12, 2013


The father ate his meal
the mother kissed her child
the teen gave her mother a sour scowl before flouncing out the door
the father left for work
the mother said goodbye
the father didn't answer
the mother sighed and saw her child to the school bus
the father got on the busy bus and planned how he would take his wife out on a date to make up for the unanswered farewell.
the mother left for work in the trade center
the father on a break called his wife to ask her out for dinner
the phone had been left in the car
the plane hit the trade center;
the news was everywhere.
the father 's heart grew cold with fear
the mother 's tears fell thick and fast as she remembered the only way to say good bye had been left in her car.
the mother said one last prayer as the roof came crashing down.

every one started their days as normal, arguments remained unsolved,  forgiveness unasked,  a right realationship with God was put off for tomorrow.    live every moment as your last was not fulfilled and deep regrets will and have followed.
we don't know what may happen today, tomorrow, next week. when you feel like rolling your eyes, slapping your sibling, yelling at your mom or child.    Remember 9/11

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