Friday, September 20, 2013


The word 'Adopt' means; 'to take as ones own, to claim.' Isn't it amazing to think that God, our heavenly Father chose to take us-orphans, without hope, dead in our sins- and adopted us? He has claimed us as His children, He saw us dead in sin, hopeless, with nothing to offer and loved us.
The Father's heart is for the orphan, He speaks of it over and over again in His word.
When you hear about orphans or adoption what do you think? - "I would love to adopt, but, it costs too much."
"I would love to adopt, but, my house isn't big enough."
would you put a price on your child's head? "you have a broken collar bone? we will take you to the doctor as long as it is under $300." "symptoms of Leukemia? we will take you in but it has to be less than $1000."
No, you make a way, you do without the movie theater that week; or you stop going out for dinner every night.
Life is worth every penny you can give and then some.
Never put a price tag on a precious life. Did Jesus say, "Father, giving up my life for Tony, Anna, Amanda, Bill- it is too much of you to ask, but I would love to if only it didn't cost so much, sorry all you sinners!"
No He did not He went willingly to the cross.  If Jesus would die for us shouldn't we be willing to sacrifice time and money for the least of these?
On to the second excuse...
There are so many children who are starving in little cribs, their limbs growing weaker, their eyes less focused from lack of stimulation, their hearts getting more and more broken. When they are lifted or touched their little bodies hurt, their broken hearts filled with fear. It is easier for people to leave them alone...
don't say my house isn't big enough, is your heart big enough? Jesus fills us with His love, His heart is for the least of these; Jesus did not tell His Father that there wasn't enough room in heaven.

Adopted Is a beautiful word.
Adopted is to be chosen
Adopted is to be loved
Adopted is to be taken care of
Adopted is to be loved unconditionally
Is adoption easy? no, but it is good- adoption is extending the grace and love of Jesus to those who have never received it before.  

Extend God's grace to the least of these...Adopted is being shown the love of Jesus...
            Adopt is showing His love.
“ Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless
is this:to look after orphans and widows in their distress
and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”
—James 1:27
                                          “ He has showed you,O man,what is good. And what does
                                           the LORD require of you?To act justly and to love mercy and
                                           to walk humbly with your God.”                           —Micah 6:8

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