Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bibles from Believers

 Recently I met with a born again believer from Ukraine. As we talked, she told me many good ways to share the gospel with someone from the Ukraine; "Show love and bring Bibles." were two of the things that she said.
They do not have very many Bibles.
The most prevalent religions are Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox; they fear and worship Mary.
They don't know God, they are dead in their sins...
"It is a dead faith." Mrs. Nataly said. "but if you give them a Bible, which many of them don't have, they will treasure it. They can learn about God; plus, if it is a Russian/English Bible, they can learn about God and they can learn English!"
To give God's word to someone and to show His love is one of the best ways to share His truth

My goal is to raise money for "Bibles from Believers" and deliver 20 or more Bibles to unbelievers in the Ukraine.
One Russian Bible, which includes the Old and New Testaments is $8.00; a Russian/English New Testament is $5.75; the complete Russian/English Bible (includes the Old and New Testaments) is $22.50.
$75 will need to be raised for their transportation (extra bag on plane) to Ukraine.
I need to order the Bibles by November 1st 2013; I am leaving day after Thanksgiving.
please pray, and if you feel led, please donate.

Thank you.

click here to donate to: Bibles from Believers

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