Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Packed and Ready to Go!

I have been "packed" for the past three weeks, but yesterday me and my mom went through the bag and found my passport, eliminated and added to the bag and weighed it, checked baggage rules.. ect, I am all packed and have my outfit that I am going to wear on the plane chosen and laid on a dresser!

Three days!

a cool thing I learned in my quiet time this morning,   Moses is asking God, "who am I to do this thing" basically, I can't, how can I? and God replies, "I am with you"  it doesn't matter how weak you are, with my strength, you can do all things and when I am leading, none can stand against you.

I can't do it             God can, and He wouldn't give me anything that He would not give me the strength to do

I'm not strong enough,                     God is strong enough and He is with me, in Him, I can do all things

I'm not wise enough,    God is wise enough, and He will give me the wisdom when the time comes

I'm not brave enough,      I serve a God who will protect me, nothing that happens to me is out of God's hands

I'm not enough,                but God is.

I serve a God with whom nothing is impossible, a God who can do all things, a God who is all knowing, a God who is powerful, and a God who is more than enough.
I serve a God of power, of holiness, and I serve a God of grace, we cannot ever do enough, be enough, or act enough, we can only except the grace that He offers to us freely, as a gift if we will only believe.
I serve a God of mercy, of wisdom, of love, of everlasting life
He is holding it all out to us, if we will only repent for your sins and believe, He is eager to bestow it upon you, and have a personal relationship... with you!

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  1. That is so exciting! :) I'm so blessed to have you in my life and to be able to see how God has been working through you! Love you, Myah