Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last day in Ukraine

It has been my last day in Ukraine. I am at my hostess' Christmas party we just did a white elephant gift exchange. My first one!
I got a Ukrainian blouse.

Three women from Okmadet came to church today, even though Tanya wasn't there! They asked Mrs. Heim to come to their village and speak about HIV! Praise God! 
A political update (I don't know how many of you know but there has been a revolution right by the church. They have people spending the night on the street. (Today they called for a million man march) so we have been walking through that. It is really cool. 
Anyway some revolutionaries pulled down the Lenin statue! (Like a symbol of the uncalled for tyranny of the government.) 

     This is St. Andrews (Or St. Michael's can't remember now :(  )   church, it was SO pretty!
I am still waiting to get pics of the hospital. Will post soon.
From Ukraine, coming home soon, 

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