Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Pronounced aw kmA dyet. It is a pretty main hospital in Kyiv. We went and hosted a tea for the mothers who have HIV and stay there for treatment. We also got a tour of the hospital. When we went into the room where the children who were abandoned were.  Wow. Tears at the thought that someone gave them up. They were brought to the hospital for treatment and left there. There were four precious bundles of sweetness. Left behind. Left destined for an orphanage. The hurt of abandonment. Rejection. Not understanding why. What was wrong with me?  For the rest of their life, even when Jesus heals those wounds, fills the empty place in their heart which I pray He will. There is still a pain.

The party went well. I think women were able to open up a little. The LORD really guided me as I packed 12 Bibles to bring to 10 people. When it came time to pass out gifts I passed out to each woman individually a Bible (Ukrainian or Russian) I had only 4 Ukrainian bibles. And (to my knowledge) There were only four people who wanted a Ukrainian Bible. No one else asked for one. After distributing all the gifts, an older woman hasn't received any gift, Mrs. Heim gave her the blanket, make up bag and necklace. I didn't have anymore Bibles. Then I remembered the two new testaments that I had stuck in the bag. For "no reason" I went and grabbed one and gave it to the lady. She took it and clasped it to her heart and then kissed it and hugged it again. It was so sweet, and I was so grateful that God made me bring the new Testaments. 
Tomorrow we are going again but this time to play with kids. (I did cheat and play with some today) :D
 Christina... the only picture I  have and can really post of her. 

 The "Tea Table"

 The gifts

Sweet little boy, a little girl was pulling on me none to gently for her size and he pushed her off (I did stop him ;) but in the process removed her hand from my collar) and he wrapped his arms around my neck and climbed into my lap. They were both precious. 

The little boy reminded me a little of Anthony, because this little one  had a piece of cardboard that was his "telefone' and he was taking pictures with it. 
The girl was adorable and had a beautiful laugh and they both had amazing smiles. I wish I was allowed to take face shots but because if the stigma of Ukraine they don't want their picture taken because they are afraid someone will see it. These children's mothers were at the party.  Another little boy and his Babushka came up to me and Sveta and this sweet little five year old with very few teeth introduces himself (with the prompting of his grandma) to us in English. They were both so sweet! 

Here are some cookies we made 

A couple last things, Tanya was explaining the biblical meaning of the necklaces to someone and helped them find it in their bible she had six people gathered around her listening to her read scripture and they were underlining it in their bibles. Unfortunately I missed it because I was playing with the kids!

And we visited a clinic for a meeting, I felt like I was in a movie. The clinic wasn't BAD the people were amazing, but the office felt... Like in a movie of a foreign countries hospital!  
Pray for moms to come back for their kids and take care of them. 
Pray for a father to change his mind and get over his grief of his wife's passing at least to let his daughter get the care she needs. 
And pray for a mobile clinic for the clinic I went to today.
Thank you. 

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