Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today in Kyiv


Restaurant old Soviet Style. 

We went to Okmadet today. Everything went well, I gave out the blankets and Toys and everyone was thrilled. Played with kids and gave out toys and blankets and did a LITTLE bit of translating and communication with the mothers who actually STAYED and mingled and talked to Marianna and Mrs. Heim. 
Unfortunately... No pictures... Then we went to a restaurant to meet someone who ended up not being able to come.

At Okmadet I was able to tell a little girl a story and end it with basically Jesus loves you kind of thing (she was pretty little) 
The children seemed to like the toys. The one little boy whose grandma is teaching him English picked out the little horse that Anthony thought the kids would like and he kept stroking it and his Grandmother told me many times thank you. I think she was telling me about toys being to expensive (for them)  to get them for him. Something like that.  I should have thought to bring cars for little boys (or girls I suppose) because this little one asked me if I had any cars. I said I didn't but I think he was happy with the horse after he saw it. 
I got a couple blank stares from little ones today when I spoke to them. (Particularly when asking their name.) and I would switch to Ukrainian and make sure I said it clearly an louder.  They got it after the so I don't know which I did that was helpful. (pronouncing better or speaking Ukrainian!)
I also made a friend with a girl who was just adopted and is moving to Chicago. She didn't speak much English but she knew Spanish and Russian and Ukrainian. Between Russian, Ukrainian, Her English and my Spanish and ever so handy, google translate; we were able to communicate quite nicely. :)

For now, Susannah 

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