Thursday, May 8, 2014


We went up North for a few days and hung out with some friends up there, (Larson's, Allen's and Chou's)
I got a lot of pictures taken and worked on my stories while we were at the Chou's house which was awesome!
We are getting ready for the Allen's to come to our house tomorrow, so we have been cleaning and getting ready for them.
       Trying to finish up school and get ready for the class then in June farmer's market starts and we will be going to the creation museum at some point then in August school starts back up, my siblings will be in co-op and I will be taking Drivers Ed at the Highschool!
Anyway, here are some pictures! enjoy!

 (looking at Mrs Chou to see what she was teaching them how to do.)

 working studiously :) 


  1. I like all the pictures, especially the couch with the blankets on it.

    1. Thank you! Hey... I was wondering... what does it make you think of when you see that picture... I was trying to come up with a name for it for something and I felt like I couldn't capture the feeling. :/

  2. I really like all these pictures, especially the black and white ones.

    1. Thanks! I have been experimenting with black and white photography lately particularly at the chou's house... they have a great house for black and white photography!