Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crazy Week!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while... (hmm.. does that sound familiar?) I guess I haven't changed much from my last blog to now!
anyway.. I really have been busy, I am teaching a Jewelry making class to a bunch of girls... tomorrow!!!
My Aunt, My Mom, Me and some of my siblings in cousins cleaned and decorated and set up the 1 car garage as a little store and workshop area...
 1: The work space all set out...

2: that little wooden box in the back is a perfect Lotion display and business card holder!






8 My new revolving earring display!
I have 15 girls signed up right now!
I'll post more pictures and stuff we have been doing later!
                                                                 ~In Christ, Susannah
PS I know you are mocking the title of this post for such a silly thing as a jewelry class but in the next post I'll tell you more.. :) (visiting people up north, having people come down here, birthday's, cleaning, school... etc!)


  1. I love that bright blue cabinet!

  2. I think it's exciting that you are having a jewelery class!