Friday, August 22, 2014

The Zoo

Here are some pictures from when we were at the zoo a week or so ago with my grandma. (I mentioned it in my last post)


 I LOVE these 2 pictures of Levi!!! 

(That is Elijah's leg that is next to the Emu.)
The black swans
The Wallaby... (The wallaby, emus and black swans had free range in the part of the zoo that we were at)
Grandma bought them each a stick with a clothes pin full of bird millet to feed to the birds...

Emily got one bird to land on her hand!

So there are my pictures. I'll do a post about Drivers Ed later. Right now I have to go to bed. My 6:45 am alarm is set and will be going off too soon. :( 
Love & In Christ, 

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