Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friends and Snowball Fights

The Larsons and Rosenquists came over yesterday; I did not get any pictures but we had a blast!
Hanging out, (everyone.) snowball fights, (boys against girls...)
ga-ga ball,(most of us :-) ) boggle, (Liz, Emily, Myself, Mrs. Larson and Mom; then Mom traded with Rob and Mrs Larson traded with Caleb.)
dutch blitz, (the younger girls) walks in the woods, (Liz and I)  food (everyone)...
and our thermostat got fixed today!


  1. Sounds like it would have been fun to join you!!

  2. I echo Rebekah-that sounds like a ton of fun! Although with three big family's it might be too much fun. Is that possible?

    1. You can never have too much fun! :)

    2. (and it was a lot of fun.) we played boggle and it reminded me of the time when your family was over and EVERYONE was playing. :D