Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thermostats and Winter Hats

Ok, so it's freezing outside right? 
(No I'm not complaining yet... I'll wait till January to complain about the weather.)
I'm just stating the fact :)
People are all bundled up, wool coats, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. 
our thermostat was set to kick in at a certain temperature  (I think it was 60-65) 
Someone must have messed with it because it got turned up to 74! A little while later the air conditioner started... Um, excuse me? That's not okay! It's cold out Mr. AC alias Mr. Heater! 
My mom has now shut done the entire system. 
Pioneer days here we come! 
( we stoked the fire and stacked the wood high.) 😃

Ok textbook. I know. 
                 I'm procrastinating. 
Back to school. 

😄 (I had to go to school this morning and have behind the wheel after class so I'm a little behind. 
I'm almost done with my last assignment for the day.)

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