Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Ok... I think it's funny... maybe it won't be to anyone else but here it goes!

I got to class early and this girl (Makayla) and her boyfriend came in... i was sitting (sitting mind you) at my desk studying and minding my own business and the guy looked at me and said "I like your jean skirt." (I have never had anyone say that to me and it was humorously specific... I decided I would think that he was being serious and not sarcastic and said "thank you."
 he responded with, "you're welcome" then he and Makayla left the room and I returned to studying. 
Shortly thereafter they returned whispering... Makayla kept saying to him, "you ask" after much debate he said             "Susannah..." I looked up surprised that he knew my name.. I guess Makayla told him.., we've never spoken so I didn't know for sure that she knew my name.

"do you know how many questions are on the test." 
"75" I responded
 (kinda weird that they wanted to know because Mr Cooper TOLD us yesterday how many questions would be on the test.)
then he asked "are you good at tests." I shrugged awkwardly and said something about as intelligent as  "I don't know" and turned back to my book.
"I suck at tests." he continued. I smiled,
When he asked, "isn't she stupid?" gesturing to Makayla. She giggled. 
"No!" I responded. 
'Well isn't she not very smart." 
I shook my head-[I just realized that sounded really bad- I shook my head in a way that meant I don't agree and I don't know what to say!] Makayla laughed and randomly commented that he was her brother...
I laughed "Like I believe that!" (they had just had a discussion with Mr Cooper in front of my that involved pretending that her boy friend was her brother...)
 she went on "yeah, I hate him. We share a room." he laughed and said "she always steals my socks." she giggled and said "and he steals my bed." I kind of smiled awkwardly at the odd/awkward style of joking that they had, then the bell rang...
Something funny and awkward HAD to happen to me before I finished Drivers Ed.

LOL... Anyway. My BTW teacher had told me that last Thursday was the last day of drivers ed... so I was all ready and excited... then Mr Cooper (my classroom teacher) said that the last day was Tuesday. On Tuesday I found out that finals were on Wednesday and THAT was the last day...
So on my third last day of drivers ed I got a waiver and passed the class!
Thus ends my first semester in public school...

"...I'm never going back- The past is in the past! Let it go! Let it go!..."

In Christ, 


  1. I think it's hilarious that he complimented you on your skirt, especially if he was being serious! ;)

    Trust me, it is not that weird that they forgot how many questions were on the test. You wouldn't believe some of the kids in my class...

    I would have done the same thing, sitting there watching them, thinking, "Well, this is sort of awkward..."

    "I'm never going back-the past is in the past!" That's pretty much how I felt when I was done with it. I'm home free!!!!

    Congrats on finishing and getting your waiver!!

    1. Hahaha! Okay. I'll trust you. :D
      Merry almost Christmas!

  2. I LOVE that you quoted 'Let It Go' at the end! Also, believe me, people ask about tests and everything ALL THE TIME. Not so much in college, though.

    1. Lol! I thought that the words were appropriate for the situation. ;)
      Okay. :D
      I heard you were in the Carpenter's Son the other day and that it went well! Congrats!
      Merry almost Christmas!