Monday, May 18, 2015

Character Profile... I changed it... quite a bit :P

My Name: Adrianna Mancini                                                                                                                My Age: (though it be a rude question.) 17                                                                                              My Nationality: Italian                                                                                                                             About my Family and HomeMy father, Fernando Mancini; (May he rest in peace) and my mother Gianna Mancini, my ten year old sister named Mariella (Mary) and myself are devout Catholics. (As are many of the people I know that live in my beloved Italy.) I was raised in a humble cottage that was nestled in a little valley; one poor house among the many in our village but it is my home and I love it very much.                                                                                                                                           My dear father died when I was eleven years old. I have many a fond memory of him tuning his mandolin before leaving to play at  gondola... more often than not he would play a little song, just for me.                   

Physical Characteristics: … I am tall and have shoulder length, wavy brown hair. I love to wear flowers tucked into my hair
 My dearest wish is to have a handsome Gondolier tell me that I am beautiful to him.

Personality: I love beauty! The blue summer sky, posies of roses, dancing, the sound of mandolins being strummed, (the fact that gondoliers are generally the ones strumming those mandolins only makes it more delightful!)
I have an outgoing personality around other girls. I love to laugh but I also cry very easily.
I am very loyal to my friends, if someone else is chosen to be Marco or Giuseppe's brides, I shall be upset at first but eventually I shall come around. I have no grudge against my friends. 
I am a staunch republican and highly object to pavilions and palaces... (unless, of course, there is a cute Prince and Princess couple who become King and Queen.)
I hate good byes, they make me cry. 
What else should I tell you? ah, yes; I am a desperate romance. As I am at the marriageable age, thoughts of handsome gondoliers are never far from my mind-In my village there are about two dozen of us marriageable aged maidens and four and twenty men. That is, not counting Giuseppe and Marco… the most handsome men I have ever seen! 

How do I feel about the approaching visit of the two most dashing gondoliers in all of history?
(Viva, Viva!)
let's just say that the knowledge of Marco and Giuseppe are soon to choose a bride makes my heart beats faster just to think about it. 

Weaknesses and fears
                                     -I am deathly afraid of snakes.                                                                                                                  - I am afraid that I will never get married.                      


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