Monday, December 21, 2015


At a store I saw a man, 
Baggy pants and frumpy shirt,
He looked as one not respected,
His hair looked full of dirt. 

One that people stay away from,
Or look upon with critical disdain. 
His shoes had tears,
His construction vest, a stain. 

People bustled about, 
Finding Christmas gifts and such.
Music played overhead
Toys displayed for way too much. 

Oblivious to those around him,
He examined each baby on the stand
Choosing one with rosy cheeks,
He turned it in his hand. 

A tired smile filled his eyes,
The store faded away, 
His little princess pale,
Stretches out her arms and cries.

From her little hospital bed,
Her eyes sparkle, 
And her cheeks flush red
As she clasps the baby to her heart.

Then ignoring her father's grime,
She tilts her little bald head,
Demanding a kiss upon her cheek.  
With gentle smile, he obliges. 

Her sparkling eyes,
And cheerful smile,
So like her angel mother,
His one and only chil' 

He wrapped her in his arms 
Begging for her healing,
and that The Lord would keep her,
safe from every fear & all alarms. 

So quickly do we judge,
The man whose heart we cannot see,
May we learn to see as Christ,
Who sees a person loved and free.