Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Sapling's Goodbye

A shrill, high note meets the wind
The boughs bend and wave.
The little thing by birth had sinned
Solemn the thought that no one gave

The note to a chord did build
It's knowledge of truth & grace
The trees nearby, their spirits filled
Each turned to the nearest face.

The note trilled sadly
Half its life was through
& accomplishment it wanted badly
It's spirit felt midnight blue.

With a shake of its head
It determined not to waste its time moping
Its soul with truth it fed
Its joy overflowing when joy it chose.

The flowers & bushes shivered with pleasure
& whispered to each other
The joy was spread measure into measure
Each one thrilled by the news of its lover.

As the last sound hung in the air
The plants nearby lifted a cry
The animals stopped to stare
The cry was calmed by a Sapling's goodbye.

The sapling had been listening to the note
Learning all it could
It lifted its voice shyly
The sap ran warm through its wood.

The plants & creatures gave a pause
To hear the lovely sound
The message of the note still carried on
Each forest heart began to pound

One by one they joined right in
The note looked down
 & danced with joy
"They get it" it cried above the din

Turning towards the golden throne
& lifting up its voice
It joined the creatures
in their song of hallelujah & rejoice.

I have not been posting much other than poetry lately... big things in my life? I have a few...
One- my mom got married in January.
Two-I got a job. (I just got back from my first day as an employee. I didn't do any work because today was orientation but I have my badge and I am on the payroll. ;) )
Three-I have been looking up graduation stuff with my mom (diplomas and such) and talked to my aunt about taking graduation pictures.
OTHER THAN ALL THAT.... Nothing much is going on in my life that's "new" per say.

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