Friday, June 24, 2016

Back from Montana

Hello everyone! I didn't bring my laptop with me to Montana so I'll just have to do my post now...
Montana is a BEAUTIFUL state and everyone at the training center is so kind and welcoming! I loved meeting everyone and the fellowship that I enjoyed there was very cool.

We saw lots of these guys right near the walking path!

Paula (She and her husband Ron picked me up from the airport and dropped me off again. They stayed at the training center while I was there.) Paula makes me think of my mom, (yes- for the way she showed maternal care) but also for her interests... hopefully they can meet some day! 
Me (Duh) I look super stressed or something... (We had just finished hiking part way up a mountain on a goat trail to see the waterfall [behind us]) 
Zach, the other intern who will be in Ukraine the whole summer. Don't strain your eyes and doubt your ability to read... His shirt is in Ukrainian. ;)

FRONT: Andrea (Jeff's wife), Kay, Ron (Paula's husband), 
MIDDLE: John (Andrea and Jeff's son- also the boy behind John's shoulder (Will) is their son. 
Behind Ron is Jeff and next to him is Stephanie.
The very back row is Melissa, Zach, Wendi & John 

Kay and Zach and I went on a walk/slight hike, to the swinging bridge. 

There was NO way I was going on that swinging bridge... I waited for them to come back and took pictures. :)

Believe it or not we all like each other... :/ (our pose is so formal! :P )

Me, Kay and Zach

Me and Kay :)

Classes were good, cross-cultural communication, spiritual warfare, how to teach English, some evangelism, discipleship, I led a devotion and had to teach an English class... that was an interesting experience! (Thankfully I will have three camps to practice my teaching skills at while I am there. :/ )
One thing I learned a lot about is the importance of prayer.

Thank you all for praying!!

Some of you I may have already emailed my prayer note to while I was in Montana... I'm going to attempt to do one weekly- if you don't want it and I already sent it to you go ahead and let me know and I won't send it anymore, or put it in the spam box. If you DO want it and I haven't already sent it to you go ahead and let me know. :)

Also, if you look in the right sidebar of this blog there is a 'follow by email' if you want to get an email when I do a new post... I think that's how it works. :P 

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