Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Here is an updated version of the letter I gave to my church family a couple of Sundays ago:

I want to share with you all what I am going to be doing this summer.

God has provided an incredible opportunity for me to be able to go on a missionary internship to Odessa, Ukraine with International Messengers.
On June 11 I will be traveling to Montana for a week of training in discipleship, evangelism, Evangelistic English Camp Training, and cross-cultural adaptation.
I will come back for about a week and a half, then I will leave for Ukraine where I will be until August 26.

In Odessa I will be involved in the local Russian/English speaking church run by I.M. missionaries. Some of the things that I will be doing are:
Teaching evangelistic English language camps.
Leading small groups and Bible studies
Being involved with a local orphan ministry camp.

All the while I will be mentored by a young, single woman named Kimberly (who I might also be living with) and I will be learning how to be a missionary.

Things that you can be praying for me are:
~That I would be growing in my knowledge & understanding & love for God through this trip.
~That many people would come to Christ through the different things we will be doing over there.
~That I will be able to pick the language up quickly so that I can communicate effectively. I would really love to not need a translator the whole time.

I’d greatly appreciate your prayers and will miss you all very much! 

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