Monday, July 25, 2016

Last Camp

This last camp was really good, I have lots of photos but for some reason they aren't showing up on my computer right now.
I loved each and everyone of these campers so much.
We saw almost all of them moving closer along the path to the cross. Some even said that they trusted in Christ throughout the week- time will tell if they truly have but praise God if it is true! (And also for a wonderful week and that everyone learned so much about God.)
Skype me if you want to hear stories. ;)
I have more things I want to say but they aren't for sure yet so I shall abstain.
Anyway, we had maybe 26 campers and they were all from near Donetsk. (more like "country kids" vs the last camp of "city kids") Veteran missionaries (those who are Ukrainian and those who aren't) all commented that this camp "was different from anything that they have ever seen." It was so neat to watch God working in the lives of these kids who had never heard the gospel before.
(most of them had never met Americans before either.)
Just to clarify... I keep calling them kids but I fit in the age range that we had. :P  14-16 was the main range but we had up to 20 yrs old (I believe- maybe just to 18 or 19)

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