Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Toward His Heaven

Shoulders weary, laden, worn
Striving upward on a hill,
Burden heavy, dirty,  torn
Pulling fiercely, climbing still.

Knowing surely, burden must
Be carried onward from the cross.
Doggedly, blindly, pushing onward
Determined to burn up all the dross.

Plodding, plodding, always plodding
Onward trodding, from the cross,
Toward His heaven climbing still,
Afraid to stop or all is loss.

Master sadly shakes His head,
bends down from His throne;
Gently touches little me,
tells me I am not alone.

Bids me open eyes & see,
I wonder how I cannot know,
And blindly I ignore Him,
When truth & light He free bestow.

He keeps on calling out my name,
Telling me to stop, & turn away from muddled mire
I think I hear from up above
& so I keep on climbing higher.

He knows my burden blocks my ears,
I am His sealed &  washed in blood
He will not see me walk away
From His presence, grace & love.

He pulls my burden hard away,
Clinging to it, I fight His mighty hand & moan
About my unwillingness to let go, I say that I’m
‘Afraid I’ll fail & never make it on my own.’

In a whisper He calms my heart
& shows me truth anew
His Son He sent, my burden bore,
There’s nothing left for me to do.

My burden of who I thought I had to be
Fell slowly to the ground,
I thanked Him for His grace & love
But again, I began to look around.

I didn’t fully trust His grace
And what He said He did.
I somehow thought I could save face
& dismiss all the sin I hid.

He passionately pursued me,
& tore my selfishness from me away,
It hurt, ingrained so deeply,
Held by sin’s dark way.

Blinded to my pride,
I thought I could press on, in my own
He knew better & in His grace
Would not let me, by wind be blown.

I pray to walk by His side,
Along the narrow way,
For this I’m made,
To worship Him all day.

To be an arrow on the road,
Not gathering crowds around me in a little glade
But pointing towards the cross of Christ,
Where every debt was freely paid.  

By His grace & that alone,
I stand here truly free,
& if my burden I lift anew,
Again, His truth will chase me.

& someday in His sacred place,
I’ll see afresh how very wrong I am.
When I look into His face,
& weeping touch His hands.

His grace is deep & love is wide,
His sacrifice was limitless,
To cover every single sin of mine
& I simply must confess;

That naught of good have I done,
Or ever could I do;
You clothed me in your righteousness,
& made my life anew.

Knowing surely, burden must
Be left behind at that rugged cross.
In His strength I’m pushing onward
By His grace He’s burning up my dross.

I’m sealed in Him
Held firm by grace
Until my final breath on earth,
& waking see His face.

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