Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Come Let us Worship and Bow Down

"Indeed. Come worship and bow down." The flesh simpers seductively. "Worship what mankind thinks of how you responded in that situation. Think of how highly they will think of you."

"Come worship and bow down." Begs the heart. "Find love. Find happiness. If someone offends you be bitter. They deserve it. No one should have to deal with such a person." 

"Come worship and bow down." Shouts the world. "See how smart you are? Think of what you could do! The houses and clothes and cars you could buy."

"Come worship and bow down." Says materialism. "Prove to everyone that you aren't a burden, that you can make enough money on your own and don't need anyone."

"Come worship and bow down." Cries the internet. "Think how much time you can be entertained by me, I won't argue with you or annoy you, just worship me."

"Come worship and bow down." Pleads sleep. "Just a little longer. You can do your Bible time later."

"Come worship and bow down." Persuades false knowledge. "No one knows what they are talking about. They have no claim on your time or affections. Worship me and I will give you what you want."

"Come worship and bow down." Satan said to my Lord. "Worship me, and all of this I will give you."
“Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only." Commanded my Lord, and the devil fled. 

"Only in my presence is fullness of joy." Says my King quietly. "I made you and redeemed you, I named you 'my child' and love you completely. I am the one, true God. People will hurt you and situations will tempt you but stronger is He who is living in you, than he that is in the world." 

The throne of our heart is the place for our King.
He alone is worthy of honor and glory. 
He alone is worthy of praise. 
He alone is King.

Come let us worship and bow down at the feet of the Lord our God our Maker. 

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