Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Wrote a Book

Serving Lois

It isn't very long, almost 100 pages. But it is a book and it took me a long time to write. And I like it. (Which is a miracle. Usually I get sick of reading something over and over again, especially if it is my own writing.)

The description is this:
Erin Wheeler knows heartache first hand when her husband is tragically killed by a drunk driver. Deciding to make a new start, with her mother-in-law and her grief, she sets out to begin a new life.
With the help of family and a new friend, Chase Ashby, Erin learns of the God that she can call 'daddy'. Through a series of events Erin finds her newfound faith being put to the test.
Can she find joy again?
                    Can God really heal the hurt in her life?
Can forgiveness really free her?

Thought I'd share that tidbit. 
I actually self published it before Christmas but had a lot more editing to do once I got the hard copy. I finally re-finished it tonight. :)

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