Thursday, December 5, 2013


We went to meetings all morning anticipating the visit to Mrs. Heim's children's orphanage. They say we could come at seven. So we left. Two hours later (it was only supposed to take fourth five mins. ) we got to a dark orphanage. The orphanage workers had left an locked the doors for the night. We left the gifts we had brought hanging on the door and our driver surprised us all by running up a flight of stairs to the second story and knocking on the window of the children's room and told them that we were there and be them a message. Them we left. (The kids couldn't get out even if there was a fire and they were there all by themselves.)
There is a possibility that some of the moms might come to church this Sunday because of the tea party with God speaking hope to these women through Mrs. Heim and Tanya. 
-Please continue to pray for God's hope to pour out on these women. 
-Please pray that I would get enough sleep but wake up early and that I would have good growing times in God's word. Our days have been so busy. I have even able to read my Bible but only a few chapters a day an then rush and go, get back late, get into bed, remember quiet time and try to read another chapter. 
-thanking God for Him helping me to get better at the language and helping me to feel comfortable. I know that is not what this is all about but it is very nice. I have had my comfort zone stretched at times but that has been good. 
-thanking God for bringing me here and using Mrs. Heim in that. 
Also for Jim and Mariana's generosity in opening up their home to us. 

Thank you. 
there shall now be a short stream of pictures and videos with explanations below

A very long escalator in metro station. I am part way down already. It ends at the end of the tunnel. 

Those bumps are a bunch of stray dogs. They are everywhere! (Even when there are Babushka's on the street who set up little "tables" (cardboard boxes I think.) with raw meat laying out to sell!!!)

And the statue of a baby on a cabbage. 

And a playground.

Goodnight! It is one o'clock in the morning here and the latest I can sleep in is 8:30 I did this yesterday to. So I need sleep!
From Ukraine with love, Susannah

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