Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lead Me

There comes a time when I feel like,
 I've got to figure it all out, 
when fears and questions are all around,
 seems almost to surround.

And I wonder if I'll ever know just what I'm supposed,
to do I wanna do something big,
 I wanna make an impact,
 when people see me I want them to see you!

I just gotta trust your plan for me,
 lead me Lord,
 cause I don't know where I'm going,
 just lead me Lord,
 cause I need someone to follow,
 so lead me, lead me Lord.

there comes a time in life,
 when I've just gotta lean on, 
trust in, follow you,
cause I know that you've got a plan for me
 and I know that plan is good, 
so here I am, take my hand now and lead me. 

you've promised to keep me,
 so I am trusting you,
 you lead and I will follow, 
trusting and believing, 
cause the way that you've got for me 
is the only way that I want for me,
 and you're the only one that knows the way, 
so lead me, lead me Lord