Friday, August 22, 2014

The Zoo

Here are some pictures from when we were at the zoo a week or so ago with my grandma. (I mentioned it in my last post)


 I LOVE these 2 pictures of Levi!!! 

(That is Elijah's leg that is next to the Emu.)
The black swans
The Wallaby... (The wallaby, emus and black swans had free range in the part of the zoo that we were at)
Grandma bought them each a stick with a clothes pin full of bird millet to feed to the birds...

Emily got one bird to land on her hand!

So there are my pictures. I'll do a post about Drivers Ed later. Right now I have to go to bed. My 6:45 am alarm is set and will be going off too soon. :( 
Love & In Christ, 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miscellaneous Happenings

Wow, I haven't posted in a while!
Okay, we have had three little kids staying with us for the past three weeks (going home every weekend to their mom) and they will be staying for at least another week... possibly longer.
9 mo old Austin, 2 year old Elizabeth (Lizzy) (whose birthday is the same as my sister Elizabeth's!) and 5 year old Gage.
It has been a lot of fun to have them!

Last Saturday I had got up at 6:30 to get ready for Farmers Market, Grandma dropped me off and I was at Farmers Market till noon, Grandma picked me up and brought me back to my house while my mom dropped Gage, Lizzy and Austin off with their mom, then us kids and Grandma went to the zoo... which was fun, we walked around there for a couple hours came home and started to get food ready when the door bell rings, 5 year old Giovanni and his mom were here (I was babysitting Giovanni for the first time) Ms. Diane (his mom) is deaf but she reads lips very well nevertheless I was still able to finger spell the kids names for her cause she couldn't quite understand their names when Mama said them.
Then she left...
        Now I got the impression that Giovanni was really shy and quiet and he is...
 for the first 10 minutes!
for a good amount of the time he had me running him back and forth on the zipline, gleeful cries of
 "faster, faster, like a helicopter!"
then he would want to catch the chickens and hold them... well he didn't know the first thing about holding a chicken. he runs up to one and it (predictably) runs away...
he looked at me with confusion written all over his face.
"Why did it run away?"
"because," I said, "It thinks that you want to hurt it." (or something to that effect... I don't remember my words exactly. :P
Giovanni lets that sink in for about .5 secs then takes off after the chicken with his arms reaching out, calling sweetly,
"I don't want to hurt you, I just want to hold you!"
then he would try to pick up the chickens by their wings (perfect little hand holds, right?)
finally he was able to pick up the chicken and hold it the right way, then he was off to the zipline again.
I was getting tired and it was only 6:30; I suggested going down to the basement, after all, how strenuous could a game of ping pong be?
not very.... unless.... when the ping pong ball falls off the table... the ball rolls into the laundry room... and your sister is hiding in that laundry room... and jumps out... and the little boy you are babysitting hands you the ball and ping pong paddle and tells you to pretend that you are playing... then after jumping out a few times and you screaming like he scared you... he wants to play hide-n-seek in the dark... which is great... unless the little boy you are babysitting doesn't like the dark... so he gets your mom to help him find you and your sister... then he wants to hide with you and have your sister try and find you... this should be easy and fun... accept the little boy you are babysitting giggles uncontrollably anticipating being frightened when found!...
so I hid in the corner of the bathroom, (one of the furthest places from the stairs where Elizabeth was counting) trying not to laugh as Giovanni let out little squeals and wrapped his arms tightly around my neck when suddenly he shouts loudly, "we are upstairs in the bathroom, not in the downstairs bathroom, don't look in the downstairs bathroom."
I shake my head laughing as Elizabeth thanks him for telling her.
Somehow after that Giovanni is upstairs hollering down to me that
"you are my dear princess and your sister is the evil monster, and I am your super hero prince Giovanni and I have to save you from the monster!"
so of course the evil monster and I collaborate and I become "captured" and the monster lies in wait for anyone who might dare to attempt to rescue me.
I become a little worried as I hear my hero start down the stairs with words of great bravado only to shriek and run back to the top because of the dark, even my desperate cries of "Oh super hero prince Giovanni save me!" didn't help, he would only say "I am coming my dear princess!" only to realize that he had forgotten his crown and had to go find it! (his bike helmet) me and the monster listened to his feet pattering up above us and his and my mom's muffled voices in the kitchen. Finally, I thought he was coming down... only to have him cry out "come to the stairs my dear princess and I will save you!"
"but I am captured!" I cry as desperately as one can when trying to suppress laughter.
with a shrill shriek I hear him run to the top of the stairs again... when we turned on lights he was more courageous. When he finally came and rescued me and made the monster run in fear of my hero's mighty sword (he had a cape made from a dish towel, a Lincoln log sword, helmet crown and pan lid for a shield) he said....
"Lets do it again!"
he was here till 10:30ish that night I was so tired but had a really great time with him!

Tuesday I went to the high school to get registered for Drivers Ed and almost everyone seemed to have the grand idea of getting there early. :)
it was just me, Mom and Austin waiting in a long line of teenagers the thought crossed my mind "these are just the incoming Fresh-mans and new students?"... we hadn't been there for ten minutes when Mom whispers to me
"Were you supposed to have a physical?"
"I don't know!" I respond
We glance around at everyone else... yup.. they all have physicals...
after some hurried discussion we decide that we will just wing it...
another couple minutes pass by.
I go into a room to have my picture taken for my student ID, young lady behind the desk has a large stack of papers in front of her, she asks my name,
"Susannah Baffa" I say
she asks me how I spell my last name then flips through her pages running her finger down the 'B' column...
I laugh to myself and ask "am I not there?"
she kind of ignores my question and turns to the young man sitting at the desk next to her.
"can you see if Baffa is in the computer?"
he found me on the computer and all went well.
after two hours we finally completed everything and went home. whew! I start Drivers Ed on Tuesday.
We have started school at our house, Gage's mom wants my mom to home school him while he is here so he is doing school with the little boys.

Here are some cute/funny things that Gage does/says
~He is obsessed with ninga turtles (more so when he first got here but he still does it sometimes) he does this little ninga dance and song thing all over the place!
~He is very polite, "nice to meet you," "thank you"
~He is a sweet little boy who likes to snuggle up.
~he calls Elijah "my buddy" (ie Elijah goes outside to feed the chickens, and Gage hops up and cries "I have to go outside and help my buddy!")

and that Elizabeth (Lizzy) Does/says
~pretending to go away (closing a door, leaving a room) and saying "bye! love you!" then coming back in to turn around and repeat the same thing over again.
~"why" (we explain why) "huh?"
~She loves lotion! (especially the sparkly ones that I make)
~sparkle=smarkle (ie after putting on lotion she holds up her hands "wook! smarkle!")
~she loves ketchup!!! (she finishes her hotdog and runs her finger through the ketchup licking it from her fingers and asking for more ketchup! (YUCK)

and then Austin is just pure baby cuteness and he is a very happy little guy too!

(although I do have this against Lizzy and Austin I have had to change four poopy diapers in the past couple hours! (and the funny thing is, most of those couple of hours... they were napping.)
Anthony and Levi have been having a good time playing with Gage, which I expected, and I knew that they loved babies but I didn't expect them to be so tender and sweet to Austin and Lizzy coming up randomly (Anthony likes to tousle their hair) just to say "Hi"
Emily and Elizabeth love playing with Lizzy and Austin too.
Elijah is loved by all of the little kids, it is neat to see him as he is growing up, he has 3-4 people that hire him to work in their yards and they are almost all older ladies that just adore him!
The cousins are so funny, my five year old cousin Anna comes in and gives me a hug before going to play, her first words are "where is Lizzy?"
her and Anthony played house with Lizzy for a little while.
Abigail, Elizabeth and Emily played orphanage with baby Ella, Lizzy and Austin. :)

This post has gotten really long and I should go.
In Christ, Susannah

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

I love you. You are the best mom!