Saturday, December 14, 2013

Should have Posted Sooner

I should have posted sooner, but I am home. The Revolution in Ukraine got crazier the day we left.
 They want their freedom. They are adamant about it. If only they knew of the true freedom, the freedom that comes from Christ; pray for the country of Ukraine that God would turn many hearts to Him through this and that Yanikovich would listen to the voice of the people of his country.
Thank you all for your prayers and support, I will still be posting on here and have yet to receive the photos of in the HIV+ hospital (the pics of kids that I can post.) I will be posting as soon as I receive those as well.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last day in Ukraine

It has been my last day in Ukraine. I am at my hostess' Christmas party we just did a white elephant gift exchange. My first one!
I got a Ukrainian blouse.

Three women from Okmadet came to church today, even though Tanya wasn't there! They asked Mrs. Heim to come to their village and speak about HIV! Praise God! 
A political update (I don't know how many of you know but there has been a revolution right by the church. They have people spending the night on the street. (Today they called for a million man march) so we have been walking through that. It is really cool. 
Anyway some revolutionaries pulled down the Lenin statue! (Like a symbol of the uncalled for tyranny of the government.) 

     This is St. Andrews (Or St. Michael's can't remember now :(  )   church, it was SO pretty!
I am still waiting to get pics of the hospital. Will post soon.
From Ukraine, coming home soon, 

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Today we slept in until 9:30-10:00 then we went to the store and went on an outdoor shopping excursion I was able to practice my Russian and bargaining skills ;) it was really fun and really cold. We decided NOT to get the promised ice cream. I got some nice Christmas gifts for my family.
Going to church tomorrow.  Pray that the moms would have the courage and ability to go to church (for the first time too!)
Pray that God would work through this trip to bring glory to Himself.
From Ukraine, Susannah. 


I was reading some of the posts from the past couple days. Sorry about all the  misspelled words! I write it on my iPod that has all my pics on it so it is a bit hard to write perfectly with a 2x1" keyboard and 1 1/2 cm fingers on 3mm x5mm keys. :-) and auto correct. :-p

Friday, December 6, 2013

People with a Story

When I look at the people, 
each face passing by; 
each having a story yet to be told.
 Shed your light, 
shed your grace,
 shed your hope;
 and as they see the people each one passing by; 
a story to be told; 
help them to see them as a person, 
who needs love, 
who needs hope.
 A person with feelings and a person who needs to be told; 
"I care, because my Savior cares!"

Thursday, December 5, 2013


We went to meetings all morning anticipating the visit to Mrs. Heim's children's orphanage. They say we could come at seven. So we left. Two hours later (it was only supposed to take fourth five mins. ) we got to a dark orphanage. The orphanage workers had left an locked the doors for the night. We left the gifts we had brought hanging on the door and our driver surprised us all by running up a flight of stairs to the second story and knocking on the window of the children's room and told them that we were there and be them a message. Them we left. (The kids couldn't get out even if there was a fire and they were there all by themselves.)
There is a possibility that some of the moms might come to church this Sunday because of the tea party with God speaking hope to these women through Mrs. Heim and Tanya. 
-Please continue to pray for God's hope to pour out on these women. 
-Please pray that I would get enough sleep but wake up early and that I would have good growing times in God's word. Our days have been so busy. I have even able to read my Bible but only a few chapters a day an then rush and go, get back late, get into bed, remember quiet time and try to read another chapter. 
-thanking God for Him helping me to get better at the language and helping me to feel comfortable. I know that is not what this is all about but it is very nice. I have had my comfort zone stretched at times but that has been good. 
-thanking God for bringing me here and using Mrs. Heim in that. 
Also for Jim and Mariana's generosity in opening up their home to us. 

Thank you. 
there shall now be a short stream of pictures and videos with explanations below

A very long escalator in metro station. I am part way down already. It ends at the end of the tunnel. 

Those bumps are a bunch of stray dogs. They are everywhere! (Even when there are Babushka's on the street who set up little "tables" (cardboard boxes I think.) with raw meat laying out to sell!!!)

And the statue of a baby on a cabbage. 

And a playground.

Goodnight! It is one o'clock in the morning here and the latest I can sleep in is 8:30 I did this yesterday to. So I need sleep!
From Ukraine with love, Susannah

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today in Kyiv


Restaurant old Soviet Style. 

We went to Okmadet today. Everything went well, I gave out the blankets and Toys and everyone was thrilled. Played with kids and gave out toys and blankets and did a LITTLE bit of translating and communication with the mothers who actually STAYED and mingled and talked to Marianna and Mrs. Heim. 
Unfortunately... No pictures... Then we went to a restaurant to meet someone who ended up not being able to come.

At Okmadet I was able to tell a little girl a story and end it with basically Jesus loves you kind of thing (she was pretty little) 
The children seemed to like the toys. The one little boy whose grandma is teaching him English picked out the little horse that Anthony thought the kids would like and he kept stroking it and his Grandmother told me many times thank you. I think she was telling me about toys being to expensive (for them)  to get them for him. Something like that.  I should have thought to bring cars for little boys (or girls I suppose) because this little one asked me if I had any cars. I said I didn't but I think he was happy with the horse after he saw it. 
I got a couple blank stares from little ones today when I spoke to them. (Particularly when asking their name.) and I would switch to Ukrainian and make sure I said it clearly an louder.  They got it after the so I don't know which I did that was helpful. (pronouncing better or speaking Ukrainian!)
I also made a friend with a girl who was just adopted and is moving to Chicago. She didn't speak much English but she knew Spanish and Russian and Ukrainian. Between Russian, Ukrainian, Her English and my Spanish and ever so handy, google translate; we were able to communicate quite nicely. :)

For now, Susannah 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Pronounced aw kmA dyet. It is a pretty main hospital in Kyiv. We went and hosted a tea for the mothers who have HIV and stay there for treatment. We also got a tour of the hospital. When we went into the room where the children who were abandoned were.  Wow. Tears at the thought that someone gave them up. They were brought to the hospital for treatment and left there. There were four precious bundles of sweetness. Left behind. Left destined for an orphanage. The hurt of abandonment. Rejection. Not understanding why. What was wrong with me?  For the rest of their life, even when Jesus heals those wounds, fills the empty place in their heart which I pray He will. There is still a pain.

The party went well. I think women were able to open up a little. The LORD really guided me as I packed 12 Bibles to bring to 10 people. When it came time to pass out gifts I passed out to each woman individually a Bible (Ukrainian or Russian) I had only 4 Ukrainian bibles. And (to my knowledge) There were only four people who wanted a Ukrainian Bible. No one else asked for one. After distributing all the gifts, an older woman hasn't received any gift, Mrs. Heim gave her the blanket, make up bag and necklace. I didn't have anymore Bibles. Then I remembered the two new testaments that I had stuck in the bag. For "no reason" I went and grabbed one and gave it to the lady. She took it and clasped it to her heart and then kissed it and hugged it again. It was so sweet, and I was so grateful that God made me bring the new Testaments. 
Tomorrow we are going again but this time to play with kids. (I did cheat and play with some today) :D
 Christina... the only picture I  have and can really post of her. 

 The "Tea Table"

 The gifts

Sweet little boy, a little girl was pulling on me none to gently for her size and he pushed her off (I did stop him ;) but in the process removed her hand from my collar) and he wrapped his arms around my neck and climbed into my lap. They were both precious. 

The little boy reminded me a little of Anthony, because this little one  had a piece of cardboard that was his "telefone' and he was taking pictures with it. 
The girl was adorable and had a beautiful laugh and they both had amazing smiles. I wish I was allowed to take face shots but because if the stigma of Ukraine they don't want their picture taken because they are afraid someone will see it. These children's mothers were at the party.  Another little boy and his Babushka came up to me and Sveta and this sweet little five year old with very few teeth introduces himself (with the prompting of his grandma) to us in English. They were both so sweet! 

Here are some cookies we made 

A couple last things, Tanya was explaining the biblical meaning of the necklaces to someone and helped them find it in their bible she had six people gathered around her listening to her read scripture and they were underlining it in their bibles. Unfortunately I missed it because I was playing with the kids!

And we visited a clinic for a meeting, I felt like I was in a movie. The clinic wasn't BAD the people were amazing, but the office felt... Like in a movie of a foreign countries hospital!  
Pray for moms to come back for their kids and take care of them. 
Pray for a father to change his mind and get over his grief of his wife's passing at least to let his daughter get the care she needs. 
And pray for a mobile clinic for the clinic I went to today.
Thank you. 

Monday, December 2, 2013


God once again has proven Himself faithful. I wanted to purchase twenty five bibles in America for $600 an here I just purchased eighteen for a little less than $100! I love it here! I love the language, I love the people, I love the country (or what little I have seen of it. ) an the missionaries I am staying with are awesome (as of course are Mrs. Heim and Sveta) and the people that I have met. God is good! I am thinking Him for bringing me here but it will be kinda hard to leave I'm afraid because I don't know when I will be coming back. But trusting God to do as He wills and if He wills, I will come back, if He does not, who am I to fight against the God who brought me here?
On the streets there was an old Babushka selling bread and an older man (but not quite a Dedushka) selling some kind of bread as well. I have seen some beggars as well. 
Oh, and cars drive on the sidewalks here! And park crazily! It is kind of humorous! Tomorrow we are doing a sort of tea party for the positive moms (HIV+) and we will be bringing bibles and over gifts for them. Very excited about all of the hospital and orphanage visits this week! 
Please pray that I would be able to shine God's light and that He would reveal Himself to the people we will be meeting. Thank you. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Ukraine

I am in Ukraine! The plane trip went well I only was able to sleep for two hours in about 24-27 hours and then I slept for almost twelve hours and woke up very rested! Church was a 4 hour service in Ukrainian, it took us 45 mins including three metro stops to get there and when we left we walked in what turned out to be a group of protesters! It was very calm and we were assured that it was safe by the missionary. We saw St. Sophia's church which is I guess 1000 years old. The metros were crazy and fast and fun! In about an hour we are going back to church for the English service! I will try to post more later. (The Internet service is kind of sketchy) I LOVE it here! It is SO cool!

Here are some pics 
Leaving Chicago 

Our "tables" on the plane. 

This is the airport in Amsterdam (please ignore all the glaring reflections I was losing battery fast and wanted a pic. )
Outside of the apartment in Ukraine where I am! (Take note of the cars on the sidewalks... a common sight in Ukraine.. they also drive along the sidewalks :) )

No snow and nice weather (cold) but nice!

Cultural note: (learned from experience) you don't smile at strangers or you are considered goofy and in my case... They told the person next to him about HOW goofy I was. Ok. No smiling, got it ;). No- just no smiling at strangers - I'm in Ukraine now!

For now, Susannah 

UPDATE: May 29, 2014 After getting back to America and wondering why I could understand "Goofy" so well I realized... I don't know that word in Russian or Ukrainian... so speaking into google translate I received the reason I could understand... the word that sounds very much like the English word "goofy" actually means Stupid.... great! I think I liked "Goofy" better! LOL