Monday, October 27, 2014

Photo Shoot in the Woods with the Hernandez's

After church we went to a nature park with the Hernandez's. (some new friends of ours from church)
 Emily was the first one to get her picture taken... I didn't even have to tell her to smile at the camera! (the only thing I had to keep telling her was; "stop posing!" 

 Maybe my favorite of Emily

  Fine! if the girl wants to pose, let her pose!

 "Don't take so many [pictures]!"


 (as we are walking down the path after a torturous session of trying to get this child to smile normally he calls to me; "Susannah, take a picture of this..." and he poses as shown. *sigh*
My favorite of him! 

 That's better (another more "natural" shot (after our slightly less torturous but just as frustrating(for both of us) photo shoot.

 I like this one of Elizabeth (the next picture of her is my favorite of her "bubbly, silly side" and this is her "calm, shy side"

 about the third time that she asked me to take another picture of herself after her session. 
I know I said the other one might be my favorite... that was because I can't decide whether I like this one better or the other one. :-)

 "Take a picture of this!"

 Emily, "Elizabeth! each of us should stand on a stump and hold hands and Susannah can take a picture of our hands."
Well, I took a picture of their faces too. oh well. :)

 Mr Hernandez took our family photo

 I believe that Elijah was the hardest to photograph! (he wanted to go hang out with Julian... thankfully Julian got him to smile. lol)

 My favorite of Elijah

 Anthony was willing to pose but only for periods of 5-10 seconds... here is what I got...

bad lighting but I love his smile in this one.


 Then Mr and Mrs Hernandez took pictures of me... which was fun and  a little awkward....I haven't had someone other than my siblings or mom take a picture of just me since I was summer 2012) 

 I think this is my favorite of... um... me. :-)


 And of course when you go somewhere with another family the mothers want a group photo of all the kids.... 
Front row left to right: Anthony, Ellie, Gabby, Elizabeth, Levi, Emily
Back row left to right: me, Julian, Elijah

We had a great time!

Love & in Christ,

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