Monday, October 3, 2016


 Last Sunday, Mark prayed Psalm 16 over us

Kimberly's Farewell Party 
 Kimberly and I went downtown one last time for a few gifts and a final taste of Lviv Chocolate... That was an adventure of languages. (They speak to you in Ukrainian instead of Russian.)
Packed and ready to go

Sergei picked us up in his van... Zach suggested one last Uno game between Sergei, Nastia, Kimberly, Kim and I.... Needless to say, Sergei missed his turn and the game ended very shortly after it had started but it was still fun.

In the Odessa airport... It was very small, it had three gates. We had no idea if we were in the right place because the screen was blank until it was time to board.
Zach was a huge help in helping me figure out what in the world I was doing. He did most of the talking for us both unless I needed to talk for some reason.

It was so nice to get back and have the customs officer smile at you and ask about your trip. It felt like a welcome home from a stranger. :) 

Home sweet home! Part of my beautiful family met me in the airport with roses and hugs. 
(Mom, Dad, Elizabeth and Morgan.) 
However, I had to wait for them to find me because we were at different exit gates.

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