Thursday, April 28, 2016


I have had a really interesting opportunity come up within the past week. I may be going to Ukraine again this summer!
I am praying for wisdom and guidance and provision for all the details that need to fall in place.

Here's what I've got...
Anyone who might ever read this will likely know that I have been interested in missions and praying about them since I was about 7 years old. Now as I have been preparing to graduate nothing had really come up as a possible missions opportunity.
 I was planning on getting medical training of some sort, I figured that medical knowledge can be used anywhere. (Family, foreign countries, job, etc.)
I started searching the internet looking for possible things I could do over the summer. I found a lot of different missions and contacted some of them. A couple of them contacted me back. Nothing really grabbed my attention until I found International Messengers.
I read a lot of the information on their site (some of it multiple times) then I contacted the organization.
I have now been able to speak to the man who runs the whole thing several different times and I am sending in my application. If I am accepted I will be leaving for training in Montana in 6 weeks.
Prayers would be awesome!

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