Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lord Willing, I'm Going!

Monday- I anxiously checked my email between 2-10 times an hour until I had to go to work. After work I checked my phone again and still found nothing. I walked out towards the parking lot to see my mom and dad getting out of their car- I was a bit suspicious... I introduced them to one of my co-worker's-they chatted briefly. When my friend had gone they started by saying, "so we got an email from Jeff..." *cue the flip flopping heart* then my mom read it out loud... I have been accepted!!!!

Tuesday- my siblings and I spent the night at my grandma's house so I texted my mom in the morning to ask her if she had responded to Mr. Jeff's (I'm not going to use his last name as I don't have permission...) email yet. She forwarded it to me as soon as she had. Then I emailed him as well with a few more questions I had. Then my dear aunt came and took graduation pictures of me. I did school and we headed back home. After work that night he called me and we talked about the questions that I had.

Wednesday- Mr Jeff is going to contact the missionaries today and tell them that they may contact me! Trying to figure out plane ticket costs to Montana as I will need to be there on the 11th of June.

Super excited, and thankful for this opportunity but nervous and sad (at the thought of leaving my family and friends for the whole summer.) Prayers that I would "Be all there.." And "live to the hilt [in this] situation" for God and His glory would be awesome. 

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  1. Please continue to share as you walk this path for our Father in heaven so we can see Him move and pray continually for the work being done in His name and for you, your safety and spirit. We love you!
    Mrs. Chou and family