Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Last Night in Ukraine

Hi everyone!!!!!
My bags are mostly packed- a few more things to be put in, in the morning.

 I hope I sleep the whole plane ride away, but seeing as I have an aisle seat next to two seats with baby seats I doubt that will happen-although they may be really friendly people with no qualms about a strange American girl holding their baby... That would be cool too.

A bowling party with the team and stories from Kimberly about her time here.

Kimberly and I, Kim and Oksanna

My last marshutka ride for the summer.

Mark is trying to bowl backwards... :P 

Anyway, in less than twelve hours I will be leaving Kimberly's little house on Chubaevskaya street for the last time and be headed to the airport towards America.

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  1. I love the close up of you and Kimberly!❤️