Monday, December 21, 2015


At a store I saw a man, 
Baggy pants and frumpy shirt,
He looked as one not respected,
His hair looked full of dirt. 

One that people stay away from,
Or look upon with critical disdain. 
His shoes had tears,
His construction vest, a stain. 

People bustled about, 
Finding Christmas gifts and such.
Music played overhead
Toys displayed for way too much. 

Oblivious to those around him,
He examined each baby on the stand
Choosing one with rosy cheeks,
He turned it in his hand. 

A tired smile filled his eyes,
The store faded away, 
His little princess pale,
Stretches out her arms and cries.

From her little hospital bed,
Her eyes sparkle, 
And her cheeks flush red
As she clasps the baby to her heart.

Then ignoring her father's grime,
She tilts her little bald head,
Demanding a kiss upon her cheek.  
With gentle smile, he obliges. 

Her sparkling eyes,
And cheerful smile,
So like her angel mother,
His one and only chil' 

He wrapped her in his arms 
Begging for her healing,
and that The Lord would keep her,
safe from every fear & all alarms. 

So quickly do we judge,
The man whose heart we cannot see,
May we learn to see as Christ,
Who sees a person loved and free. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Maiden

She slips away from chaos and noise,
praying none will follow.
Quietly opens the heavy door,
and lights a candle of tallow.
Through the courtyard she glides,
Cobblestones softly kissing her feet;
stopping but once, to admire a lilac,
fragrant blossoms with her nose did greet.
Enters a room with ceiling high;
a piano sits by the window,
a sliver of moonlight graces its seat
and dust its shadowy top.
A gentle hand caresses the piano,
lays her blossoms on the window sill
placing her fingers on the ivory keys,
the room with music did fill.
The lilacs opened their sleeping eyes,
the moon felt tired,
the sun awake,
its duty could more bravely take.
The birds nestled with their young,
awoke and lifted their heads to sing.
The flowers opened to hear the song yet unsung.
The sun poked out his head to see.
The sick felt reprieve from pain,
the prisoner felt his soul set free,
the tax collector yearned less for gain,
the woodsmen admired the beauty of the tree.
The fair young maiden played on,
the rising sun shone on her face,
with joy she summoned the dawn
as her fingers danced with grace.
Whence the music came,
from deep within,
no other music was the same,
'Twas guided by something greater than she.
She arose regretfully,
brushing off the dust affectionately
she gave a sigh and turned to leave,
she saw a man at the door.
"Pray tell, how long hast thou stayed?"
She queried, a blush upon her face.
"From the very first note thy dainty fingers played."
Her lover then responded.
"The music I gave to thee,
has been daily my delight,
thou hast played thy piano well.
In my kingdom, an instrument of gold awaits thee.
I'll be by thy side,
we will wake the dawn together,
thou shall always see me with thee.
I'll never leave you ever."
The maiden's eyes with tears did fill,
"My Lord I'll come-
oh heart be still."
He smiled gently.
Then with a voice that demons shrink from,
the same voice that bids the children come,
her lover looked her in the eye,
and soft and sweet gave his reply.
"My child, I knew thou wouldst,
this cold room, though full of beauty,
was simply preparing thee,
for the glory of my kingdom."
Taking the maiden's slender hand,
he led her to the door,
she looked not back,
she felt as though her feet barely touched the floor.
Then suddenly she stopped,
holding her lover's hand to her lips
she felt a tear slide down her cheek,
she kissed the nail scarred hand.
Her lover smiled and wiped away her tears.
"My love for thee is still as great
as the day I bore thy sin away;
the day I gave to thee my music."
With joy inexpressible,
she let her lover carry her away.
To his kingdom for her designed,
His music with rejoicing to play.
Upon the wind at times may hear,
the silvery tune, doth bless the ear
by angels sung forevermore,
of the maiden and her lover.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Can You Imagine?

 Can you imagine what would happen if Christians in America started to:

                                                                           pray this...

  live like this...

Believe this whole heartedly...

and trust the One who created and loves us and is bringing us to the end, sanctifying us and growing us to be more like Himself until that glorious day when He returns.

That would be a beautiful thing to behold. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photo Shoot :)

Hmm... I seem to only be posting pictures lately- and very infrequently- my apologies.


Beth and Emily have their pictures combined... :P



And Elizabeth and Emily took some pictures of me...

Elijah would not let me take any pics of him. :(

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The River

Wow, has it really been so long since I last posted?
I don't even know quite what to write... I just felt that I had abandoned my blog for long enough.
I'm going to post a bunch of pictures that I took down by the river. (This was a few days ago.)

Psalm 89:11
The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them.

Revelation 4:11
"Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Character Profile... I changed it... quite a bit :P

My Name: Adrianna Mancini                                                                                                                My Age: (though it be a rude question.) 17                                                                                              My Nationality: Italian                                                                                                                             About my Family and HomeMy father, Fernando Mancini; (May he rest in peace) and my mother Gianna Mancini, my ten year old sister named Mariella (Mary) and myself are devout Catholics. (As are many of the people I know that live in my beloved Italy.) I was raised in a humble cottage that was nestled in a little valley; one poor house among the many in our village but it is my home and I love it very much.                                                                                                                                           My dear father died when I was eleven years old. I have many a fond memory of him tuning his mandolin before leaving to play at  gondola... more often than not he would play a little song, just for me.                   

Physical Characteristics: … I am tall and have shoulder length, wavy brown hair. I love to wear flowers tucked into my hair
 My dearest wish is to have a handsome Gondolier tell me that I am beautiful to him.

Personality: I love beauty! The blue summer sky, posies of roses, dancing, the sound of mandolins being strummed, (the fact that gondoliers are generally the ones strumming those mandolins only makes it more delightful!)
I have an outgoing personality around other girls. I love to laugh but I also cry very easily.
I am very loyal to my friends, if someone else is chosen to be Marco or Giuseppe's brides, I shall be upset at first but eventually I shall come around. I have no grudge against my friends. 
I am a staunch republican and highly object to pavilions and palaces... (unless, of course, there is a cute Prince and Princess couple who become King and Queen.)
I hate good byes, they make me cry. 
What else should I tell you? ah, yes; I am a desperate romance. As I am at the marriageable age, thoughts of handsome gondoliers are never far from my mind-In my village there are about two dozen of us marriageable aged maidens and four and twenty men. That is, not counting Giuseppe and Marco… the most handsome men I have ever seen! 

How do I feel about the approaching visit of the two most dashing gondoliers in all of history?
(Viva, Viva!)
let's just say that the knowledge of Marco and Giuseppe are soon to choose a bride makes my heart beats faster just to think about it. 

Weaknesses and fears
                                     -I am deathly afraid of snakes.                                                                                                                  - I am afraid that I will never get married.                      


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Maybe you saw my post comment on Katherine's blog... (sorry if it wasn't as funny as I thought it was)...
after reading her post I remembered that I still haven't done a New Years post!

Somethings God has taught me this year:

•That I am not really as patient as I thought I was and I can't be patient  on my own- I need Him. 

•to step out of my comfort zone to do what Jesus would do.  

•learning to abide in Him. 

•learning to take His hand and trust that He will lead me where He wants me to go. (Jer. 29:11)

Some Big Things that Happened this Year and How God used them to grow me:

•We were a host family for a while. God used that as a test of my patience. As I felt my annoyance mounting I learned that I can't be patient all on my own, I need His help. Now looking back I would love to be able to do it again, for the same family or another... God blessed my life through having Lizzy, Austin and Gage here and I miss them. Yes it was frazzling and frustrating but that was where God had us and it was good.

•Because I have had to make new friends God has been strengthening me in my communication skills, and that has enabled me to talk to Dad, get to know and then share the gospel with Maddie. (did I ever write about that?) Maddie is the girl that I drove with in drivers ed, the last day I was able to give her a gospel tract/booklet (a Lifebook?) and a pair of earrings and a letter that I had written her. (this was all in a gift because I was nervous about doing it... but I said everything that I wanted to say in person- in the letter. 


  • I want/need to make sure I am spending time in God's word every day... not just... "okay, I read a chapter now I'm good." but delving into His word... seeking Him like hidden treasure. 

  • I would like to graduate this year... which means I will be going through the summer and have some extra school to do.

  • My plan for the past year (ish) has been to get my CNA (certified nurses assistant) licence when I turn 16...recently I have given it up to God and have been officially freaking out about not having a plan...  I would like to do that, and NRP (neo-natal resuscitation program) (our friend who is going to be a midwife in a few months has said that I can be her midwife's assistant if I have an NRP.... I'm just praying for wisdom with all of that and that it would be clear. I would love to do all of that but I'm still waiting... I hate waiting. ;)


  • My Sweet 16 is this year.... (actually 2 months and 22 days, but whose counting?) 

  • I am going to be in my first musical in May. 

  • I am going to be in a choir... I don't know when the concert is but sometime this spring.

An adventure awaits me... 

                              A book in the making... 

               It's title is 2015...                          

                                              Book 16 in the series of my life... 

        More characters may be added...                                                                                                              

  a hero may appear...        

          A flaming forest or a runaway train...                           

                             a field of flowers or a moonlit night...  

         A trial or joy... 

              The Author alone knows what will happen...                                                       

 I'm holding my Father's hand and trusting Him to lead me through... 

                    we'll  see where it goes from there.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I am so happy!

Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles;
I'm going to be in a musical!  
The 'Gondaliers' (?)
 I will be in the chorus.  
I'm so happy!! 
Fridays will be busy days this next semester. Regular school work, co-op (which I only have one class in so that's okay.) after co-op, choir practice (for concert in spring) after choir practice play practice (for play in spring) 

I am happy to be back to school, happy that it snowed, happy that God has created me, saved me, redeemed me and shown me grace, happy for friends and family, happy for opportunities, happy that God is in control and I can trust Him with anything and everything, happy for a warm house, happy for life: the past, present and future, the known and unknown, and right now as I look at everything I have written I am happy that none of you will be judging me for such a long run on sentence so I don't have to go back and fix it!!!

Thank you Lord for joy! Thank you for all of these things that I have mentioned, thank you for salvation. Thank you for continuing to teach me and lead me. 
Thank you that I experience joy and sorrow and that through both you are always beside me. 
In Jesus' name, amen